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Why we know how to convert clicks into customers

The Conversion Agency team has built thousands of websites, e-mails, banners and launched several successful e-commerce businesses all over the world. We have been learning and evolving along with technologies, with the rise of mobile, with the changing consumer online habits.

The Conversion Agency is led by Marina Petrova. She is based in New York City and has 20+ years experience in digital marketing and communications.

"I spent 16 years in the agency world: creative, media, digital production (Publicis, WPP) and 6 more years in global online tours & activities business that I co-founded, currently in 8 languages with audience in 50+ countries. I want to share my knowledge, experience and connect clients with reliable execution partners to help client businesses succeed and grow online. I know how important it is to truly understand the consumer. Nothing will ever happen without that understanding. I also know how challenging it often is to find the execution partner who cares about the result and delivers high-quality product. Over the years I built a network of talent I trust my own online business to. I am happy they agreed to join me in The Conversion Agency."

The Conversion Agency is proud to have presence in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Krakow, Kiev, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, with on-demand presence in other locations.

We are hands-on. We dig deep, test, learn, double-check and triple-check, learn from customers and greatly enjoy it when the conversion results improve. We might seem boring, but that's because we focus on getting the work done.

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