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We want the world to be a better place, don't you? If we come across a great book, a great article, a great anything that helps improve marketing communications, we are sharing it here. We are still debating internally if we should also post not-so-smart online marketing cases. But for now—only the good digital marketing stuff.

Not all of the below books are about online marketing. Some are about analytics, some focus on PR, but all these books have one thing in common: recommendations, ideas and tools to understand human behaviour. 

Creating Value with Big Data Analytics. Making smarter marketing decisions by Peter C. Verhoef, Edwin Kooge, Natasha Walk

Humanizing Big Data. Marketing at the meeting of Data, Social Science and Consumer Insight by Colin Strong. 

Predictive Analytics For Dummies by Dr. Anasse Bari, Mohamed Chaouchi, Tommy Jung

Agile PR: Expert Messaging in a Hyper-Connected, Always-On World by Marian Salzman

CMOs at Work by Josh Steimle

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards