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Digital marketing trainings based on practical learnings

Internet is new. Understanding consumer behavior on the internet, and how it has been changing with smartphone penetration, is also relatively new. Google was founded only 20 years ago. iPhone has just recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Both influenced and changed so many things.

Despite the wealth of information on the internet, with thousands of websites, blogs and e-books about online marketing, it is often difficult to find truly meaningful practical recommendations from those who actually implemented various solutions in their marketing efforts, and can share what worked and what didn't.

We offer custom-designed digital marketing trainings for your organization. Always up-to-date, tailored to your team's needs. Some of the things we talk about in our digital marketing trainings are:

  • Setting goals in an online project—it is more difficult than it may seem.
  • Start small, don't build a rocket. Test, experiment, learn, redo, test again.
  • Understanding your customer. "A woman 18-35 income average+" is a brief from the 20th century.
  • How many types of customers are there? Can there be segments? How many? Do I really need a separate creative/communication for every segment? Google's Similar To... and Facebook's Lookalike Audiences.
  • "So I tried various analytics, data, keyword and other tools – how do I actually understand their data? Can I trust it?" (the short answer is "not all of it")
  • Attention span and micro-moments. Why even 6 second video is sometimes long.
  • Building an emotional connection is still key. Please stop calling customers users. 
  • Your biggest treasure: customer services help-desk. Listen, listen, listen. Focus groups were great in the last century. When you can, don't ask, but listen amd let customers talk to you. 
  • Mobile has changed not only how people communicate and not just how they search for information. Mobile is (still) changing human behavior patterns in ways that are not always obvious.
  • "Does Facebook actually work? I keep posting engaging content, I advertise on Facebook, but even with various creative and targeting methods, the results have been very modest."
  • Conversion, the most important action on the website. Even if you run a non-profit charity fund, you still need conversions. How to improve conversion rate.
  • E-commerce basics.
  • Online fraud. It is the online merchants who suffer the most: they lose money, often big money. Some of the tools that work in fighting fraud.
  • It takes time, have patience. How much time does it actually take to...?
  • Stop building websites based on menu navigation. Online behavior is changing again: from banner blindness to menu blindness, "just give me what I need, right now!"
  • Is content marketing a thing? How to write content that your customers and the search engine robot are both happy about?
  • How much do I need to spend on customer acquisition? Do I need an agency to set up and/or manage CPC campaign? 
  • Is there such a thing as the power of brand in the 21st century? How people search for brands online, how search results influence conversions. The customers who don't remember where they made their purchase.

Digital trainings are usually 1- or 2-day long. Please get in touch to learn more and schedule digital marketing training for your company.