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Digital Production

Global network of reliable digital production partners allows minimizing overhead costs, thus producing digital marketing assets at reasonable rates. Our two lead production hubs are in Ukraine and in Singapore, with project management and technical supervision in the US or Europe (when/if needed). We prefer managing workflow via centralized project management tool for everyone to have access to the production status, but we are common sense and use instant messengers, e-mails etc. as relevant.

If you ask us what makes the digital production project a success, we will always respond—communication. We believe communication is as important as having the right talent working on your project.

Expect quality work and delivery at scale. Some of the digital production services available from The Conversion Agency team are:

  • Front-end, back-end and full-stack development
  • Digital marketing assets production (banners, emails, landing pages etc.)
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Digital marketing content localization
  • Content management system integration
  • Making your project mobile-friendly
  • Populating websites with content provided by client, website migration services
  • Analytics setup, including enhanced e-commerce and conversions analytics
  • QA services
  • Managing social media accounts, including posting when automated scheduling cannot be utilized
  • Campaigns tracking and reporting
  • Setting up and managing cloud hosting architecture. 

This means some of the deliverables are:

  • Interactive, rich media as well as static banner ads and resizes
  • E-mail templates, versions, responsive and transactional emails
  • Landing pages and websites, responsive and/or with a separate mobile version
  • Social media content production, adaptation, resizes
  • Interactive games

Some of the team's technical capabilities include:

  • Development:PHP (inc. Laravel), SharePoint, .Net
  • CMS: Acquia, Drupal, WordPress, Umbraco, MODX, Magento, Shopify
  • JS Library: JQuery, GreenSock GSAP
  • Database: MySQL, mongoDB, SQL Server
  • AdServers: Celtra, DoubleClick, Sizmek, Atlas, adform, adacado, Conversant
  • E-mail platforms: MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, SendGrid, DreamMail
  • Game development: Canvas/WebGL, TypeScript, Pixi.js and Box2d Engines

Get in touch if you are looking for a digital production partner.